Jamie L. Saloff embraced print-on-demand technology in its infancy, more than twenty years ago. Having previously travailed through traditional publishing, she loves the creative freedom, quick implementation, and author-driven profitability of POD.

As a book designer and self-publishing specialist, she’s helped countless authors publish profitable print products.™ She has guided men, women, talented teens, Gen Xers, baby boomers, golden-agers, and even posthumously published authors—regardless of age or technical
ability—through her easy, seven-step, self-publishing process. Clients learn how to create quality, profitable books while avoiding common publishing pratfalls.

A long-time author advocate, Jamie has been a member of the Pennwriter’s organization for several decades. She served in multiple board positions eventually earning the coveted Meritorious Service Award, their highest honor. She is a supporter of their Writer’s Road Trip, an annual live event held each fall in the Erie, Pennsylvania area. Jamie was a co-founder and initial organizer of the Edinboro Elementary Writing Center program, which guided children in writing and “publishing” their own books. She is a member and a volunteer for Bryan Cohen’s Author Ad School. She has trained extensively in Internet marketing and web design. She is a Dale Carnegie Training graduate.

Jamie has written and been featured in countless articles, blogs, radio shows, newsletters and newspapers. Currently considering herself “semi-retired,” she designs and works with only a handful of clients each year. However, she continues to offer guidance and coaching.