GirlwBook DreamstimeYou may never have published a book before, and as you've researched the possibility, you've discovered a lot of conflicting information. Most of your confusion could be quieted if you simply had someone to talk to who knew the business and could guide you in making a decision that's right for you.

Most of your confusion could be quieted if you simply had someone to talk to who knew the business and could guide you in making a decision that's right for you.

You may wonder:

  • Is self-publishing right for me?

  • Should I wait for a traditional contract?

  • What about e-publishing?
ThisTimeAround"...think of a seasoned scout guiding you through alien territory, or if you're a woman, picture a knowledgeable mid-wife assisting with the birth of your first child." N. Melinda Hunley - Author of: This Time Around

Many are surprised to learn that I have worked with authors for nearly two decades, sixteen of those as a print-on-demand specialist, particularly with Ingram's Lightning Source (and now, IngramSpark as well). I became interested in self-publishing while writing my third book and soon was helping others in a big way. My main focus is in helping coaches, healers, intuitives, spiritually-minded practitioners and other business professionals traverse the road to self publishing. I show them how to create quality, profitable products (even if they have never published before) while keeping more profit in their pockets.

Most of my client relationships begin with a call for advice—sometimes as much as a year prior to their publication. They have questions, doubts, and concerns. So we talk in a casual conversation about the state of publishing today and how it can benefit them. Many of my clients host workshops and like the idea that books can be drop-shipped to their seminar's location. Others like that they never have to pack and ship a book—unless they want to. Some just want an assurance of quality, affordable books they can be proud to sell.

I listen to all their concerns and respond to their questions based on my many years of experience. This initial conversation helps to ease their mind and clarify the path that is right for them. I find that it also sparks their enthusiasm as once they are reassured of their direction, they can move forward writing their book with confidence.

HandsUponMyHeart"In her calm, caring, unhurried manner, Jamie Saloff will conscientiously lead you through self-publishing's rather arduous challenges with gentle, genuine expertise. She is perhaps the most capable person working in the self-publishing industry. Her gift is helping people." Perry Foster - Author of: Hands Upon My Heart: My Journey Through Heart Disease and Into Life

I have worked with all types of people and personalities including men, women, talented teens, Gen Xers, baby boomers, golden agers, and even posthumously published authors — regardless technical ability. I find many of my clients want to play a strong role in how their book looks. They are often very particular about small details, design essence, and those little creative surprises that make the book uniquely theirs. In addition, they are looking for a provider offering integrity, honesty, and quality customer service. 

If this sounds like you, you are invited to set an appointment to chat with me about your particular work-in-progress. Feel free to come armed with a long list of questions, or ask the question many have asked before: Where do I begin?

Calls can be recorded so you can refer back to the information again and again. During the call, I will ask you a few questions, so have the following information at hand:


  • What type of book are you writing? (Fiction/Non-fiction)

  • How many pages do you guestimate will be in the book?

  • Does it contain photos? Graphs? Illustrations or art?

  • Where do you plan to sell it? (Workshops? Book Fairs? Online?)

  • What is your vision for this book? (Size, look, essence, etc.)

  • What can I help you with today?
Committee"Working with Jamie was a joy. Her knowledge is incredible, and best of all, she was attentive and patient with all the questions (many asked more than once) that a newbie such as me had. Without her expertise, I would have definitely put out an inferior book and taken much longer to figure the process out (and I probably would have given up!) My heartfelt thanks!" Bill Loucks - Author of: The Committee: Man's Inner Voices and Who Left the Toilet Seat Up?

What you can expect: 
Utilizing the time frame you have scheduled, you may ask me anything you like about the publishing industry (whether traditional or self). I will provide honest answers (even if the answer is not what you want to hear). I will explain anything about publishing you want to know regarding print books, e-books, or Apple iBooks. (If I don't know the answer, I will tell you that too—not all questions have an answer.) Remember, if there were one right way to create a bestseller, we'd all be doing it, so every author and book is unique.

What not to expect: During this initial call, I will not explain how to use any particular software, will not walk you through any process, nor give technical specs on how to do-it-yourself. If this is the sort of information you need, email first, as these types of calls incur a cost, though typically, I do not offer this type of help as there are simply too many software configurations and details to teach over the phone. It took me nearly twenty years to acquire all the knowledge I have on writing and publishing books. It's impossible to convey all of that within a short phone call. However, my clients love picking my brain as we work through their individual projects.  

First-time callers are invited to use my free Author Q&A session call (20 minutes), or for an extended conversation, purchase a longer session. This is a great way to ask any questions you might have about the self-publishing process. 

Here's what others have said about Jamie:

HerSpiritLives"Working with Jamie on the production of my book was a pleasure. She patiently answered my many questions, turning obstacles into learning opportunities. Her knowledge, artistic eye, professionalism, and sense of humor made my publishing experience more enjoyable than I ever expected it could be." Jimmie Lou Watson - Author of: Her Spirit Lives In Us: Immigrant Mother's Legacy of Love



When You Are Ready to Move Forward:

When you are ready to move forward with publishing your book, we can talk about my one-on-one coaching and design offerings. Pricing varies based on your personal needs. Do you need a full-service offering including my designing your book? Or are you simply looking for direction as you create your own book? Do you need a print book? Or are you starting off with an ebook? Give me a call and I will put together a package that is just right for you.


SoulofTeacher"Jamie Saloff was exactly the right person to help me publish my first POD book – Soul of a Teacher. She shepherded me through the entire process, anticipating and answering every question I had, no matter how trivial. She also told me at each step what to expect next so that I was prepared. As a result of her caring and thoughtful approach I grew from a very tentative and anxious author to one with confidence and pride in a finished product. I could never have expected the little things that Jamie did for me. My experience was one of having a friend who cared as much, if not more, in seeing the book be successful, from layout to marketing tips, choosing an editor, fonts, design, etc. She never told me what to do but rather made suggestions so that the right choice was logically clear given my objective. I will, without hesitation, recommend Jamie to anyone I know who wants to self-publish. She is a jewel; professional, caring, knowledgeable and committed to her client’s success." ~ Harry "Whitey" Hitchcock, author of: Soul of a Teacher





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Jamie 110918 wWizI am a publishing professional with over twenty years experience in assisting with a book’s delivery from manuscript to printed book—including interior and cover design, creating files for the printer, guidance with paperwork and filings, ebook creation, market messaging, and more.