You may have heard: "It's easy, just upload your Word document and you have a book." But, if you are quality-oriented and want a professional-looking product that avoids common publishing design faux pas, you may need assistance. Moreover, if you are technically challenged, what seems "easy" to others, may be a stressful, frustrating endeavor you don't want to experience.

My 7-Step publishing program has two tracks. You can choose the "Do it Yourself" (DIY) track, backed by calls designed to help you each step of the way. Or you can choose the "We Do it All For You" (WDIFY) track which can be customized to include everything from ghostwriting the book, copyediting, interior and cover design, and even uploading the files to your printer (and much more). Besides myself, I have access to some tremendous professionals who can help you make your book the best it can be from inception to market.


To learn more about the WDIFY track, take advantage of my free Publishing Assessment call where we can discuss your particular needs. From there, I will customize a package that will provide you with whatever support you require for developing your book's success, including preparing the manuscript for publication, interior and cover design, and more.


This series of calls (described below) is designed to be utilized either as a step-by-step package that you work through one at a time as needed, or you can pick and choose whichever step you need and just utilize that session. Each call lasts one-hour. 

Cost is $147 for 60 minutes. 

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Call 1: Writing the book. During this call we will discuss:

- Tips and Tools for the writing process

- Goal setting and accountability for completion within a certain period of time

- Genre or Category specific tips to wow your market

- Additional help and services available to you if required including:

- ghostwriting,

- copyediting or style editing

- indexing,

- manuscript review

- transcription


Call 2: Before the Design, Preparatory Steps Before You Can Publish:

- Should you become a legal entity? 

- Obtaining Copyright, ISBNs, CIP, and LCCN

- Budgeting costs, what to expect, what to avoid


Call 3: Designing Your Book and its Cover including:

- What software to use

- Tips on layout and what to avoid

- Free guides you can access with step-by-step guidance

- Guidance on dos and don'ts for cover design

- 2 Quick reviews of your files and cover for potential tech problems


Call 4: Choosing a Printer and Understanding Retailers:

- Which printer is right for you? 

- Should you do an ebook? 

- Why some printers are better for different types of books

- Understanding retailer discounting and pricing your book

- Why how you plan to market your book affects where to print


Call 5: Getting the Files to the Printer:

- Technical assistance uploading files, including live walk-throughs (if needed)

- Review of files for compliance and potential problems

- General explanations on how-to-correct found problems (and/or)

- Tips on where to get additional help


Call 6: Your Proof Book:

- What to look for in your proof book before releasing it to the world

- How to save costs on purchases

- When to buy quantity, when not

- What to do when you find a mistake


Call 7: Marketing Your Book, Overview:

- Determining your marketing strengths and weaknesses

- Understanding what works, what doesn't, what to avoid

- Creating a general plan 

- Do you need a website or a blog (or both?)

- Free tips and tools to get you started


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This program is designed in al-a-carte fashion. That means you can choose to do one call, a series of calls, or immerse yourself into a full-day of focused sessions. Click here to learn more about how call sessions work. 



Jamie 110918 wWizI am a publishing professional with over twenty years experience in assisting with a book’s delivery from manuscript to printed book—including interior and cover design, creating files for the printer, guidance with paperwork and filings, ebook creation, market messaging, and more. If you are seeking help in creating a profitable, quality product, I’d be happy to discuss the details with you at no charge during a Publishing Assessment call.