booksbyclaireLooking for the perfect gift for the writer in your family? Here are some of my favorite ideas. (Pssst... writers... share this with your loved ones and let them know which one's you want most!)

1. COFFEE HOUSE GIFT CERTIFICATES: Most every writer I know thrives on their favorite beverage and needs a hot cuppa-something close at hand. Whether your in-house writer is the drive-through/carry out type or the sit-for-an-afternoon-and-muse personality, this is the gift that will fit any price range. 

2. WRITING JOURNAL AND SPECIAL PEN: For him, be on the lookout for a finely wrought leather-bound journal and a man-sized luxury pen with a good weight. Amazon has an entire gift section devoted to some of the best


READ THEIR WIP: Offer to sit down and read their work in progress (WIP). Remember to offer positive feedback and encouragement along with any questions you may have. Keep in mind that the first draft is always a little shaky. Smile a lot. Be sincerely interested. It just might be the most valuable gift you give. 

Other ideas? Add them in the comments below. 


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