Lily Dale Self-Publishing Intensive - August 4, 2016

Self Publish Your Print Book in 7 Easy Steps

For Non-Techie Authors—From Noobies to Golden Agers

Many self-starting authors who want to publish a print book are told, “Simply upload your manuscript to an online publisher and voila! You will be published!” Unfortunately, many authors who take this path unaware are often left with poor quality books and disappointing sales. But it doesn’t have to be like that. You can do-it-yourself by first gathering a little knowledge and a learning a few trade secrets even if you are a non-techie or a golden ager.

In addition, we will address why intuitives and other creative people sometimes have issues with technology. We will talk about how the intuitive-process plays a role in self-publishing and how those with a story to tell can make it stand out from millions of others.

Along the way, we will also get into the basics, including:

LilyDaleGatePART I:  Before You Begin Self-Publishing: Key knowledge you need to know as you’re writing the book. Also, choosing the right printer for your project and key information about including artwork, photos, and other inserts.

PART II:  The Details of Self-Publishing on Your Own: Everything from preparing your files, managing the budget, knowing when, where and of whom to ask for help, and taking care of the paperwork.

PART III: The Final Mile of Self-Publishing: Managing all the last-minute details and knowing what to watch out for, especially if you’re a noobie or technically challenged. Also Q&A.

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