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Your Gift for Purchasing 7 Steps to Self-Publishing Using Lightning Source or IngramSpark


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Thank you for purchasing my book 7 Steps to Professionally Self Publish Your Book Using Lightning Source or IngramSpark. I hope you find it a useful guide as you navigate self publishing your book for the first time. 

If you purchased the ebook, you have no way to write on or fill out the included forms. If you purchased the print book, you may not want to write in your book. And in either case, you may want to use the included forms again and again. Knowing this, I've created a PDF download of all the book's forms so you can print them out and use them as much as you want. 

The forms included in the PDF are as follows: 

• Cost estimating worksheet for your book (2-pages)

• Publishing data collection form

• Author & Book Marketing data you need to collect

• Interior Designer worksheet 

• Cover Designer worksheet

• Designer call sheet (for those hiring a designer)

• Book Signing worksheet

To get your copy of these printable worksheets, simply fill in your name and email in the box to the right. Once you confirm your details, you'll receive a link to download your forms. 

I'm often asked, "Why must I sign up to download these pages?" This gives me a way to let readers know if an important change occurs. The most recent edition was released in  2019. If you have an earlier edition, something important may have changed. Most often, this is pricing, broken links, or other changes in the industry. This also helps me to know how many people appreciate having these pages.


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