Pat Matson

Pat Matson, copywriter and ghostwriter, specializes in entrepreneurial businesses – especially those with New Age values – to help bring out the story inside your heart to the world that needs it so.  Pat can formulate your dreams into a book, workbook, blog posts, articles or curriculum. She can write it once, and then re-format it into many products to provide multiple streams of passive income for your business.

Pat enjoys her behind-the-scenes writing support. Once you’ve discussed your needs, you never have to ever think about them again because Pat is dedicated to creating them for you.

Pat’s task is simple: remove the responsibility of writing the essential business pieces that make you successful, and free you up to do only the pieces of your business that you love most and that bring you the most money.

Pat provides the following services:

  • Strategizing ideas into books

  • Creating annual writing plans for blog posts and marketing articles

  • Creating client-focused website copy, SEO’d with your keywords

  • Autoresponder series for your Product Launches

  • Curriculum & Workbook creation (a favorite!)

  • Book writing

  • Ghostwriting**

**I’m not allowed to reveal my ghostwritten clients names or book titles due to confidentiality agreements -- one of my ghostwritten books has been selected by Oprah for her Book of the Month Club and Spike Lee is directing the film. Yes, I’m very proud of that.

You can find her here at and