Bless you for understanding. . .


"Bless you for understanding the vagaries of writers and for your own integrity. Again, many, many thanks."

Fran Moeller Gatins - Awakening With Mother Earth: Hearing Gaia Sing

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Precise - Prompt and Responsive. . .


"Jamie's work is creative and precise. She listens to what the client wants and then offers ideas to improve. When I asked for guidance I got it. I found her prompt and responsive to my needs and receptive to doing the work in the manner I ultimately selected. She comes highly recommended."

Kenneth N. Fink - Unbuttoned: Who Says Men Can't Change? (Cover: M. Fisher)

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Absolute pleasure. . .

Waldner TM

"Working with Jamie was an absolute pleasure. How she can make a pile of paper and words into a book will forever remain a mystery to me. There is absolutely no way that I could have accomplished what I accomplished without Jamie's patience, guidance, and expertise. Thank you."

Rudolf J. Waldner - Marketing from the Trenches: Your Guide to Retail Success (Cover: Manjari Graphics)

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A very talented person . . .


"Jamie is the 'all around make it happen person.' I love the way the book looks, the layout couldn’t have been any better or closer to my vision of the finished product – Jamie is truly a very talented person. I can’t tell you how much her assistance has meant to me personally and professionally. The next few months are going to be a lot of fun!"

Diane Dutton - A Woman's Ladder to Success Is Paved with Broken Glass Ceilings

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Prompt - Professional - Creative


"I have truly enjoyed working with Jamie. She is prompt, professional, creative and patient. Jamie expertly guides the new writer/publisher through every step of the process and is always available to answer questions, provide direction and offer support. I highly recommend her services."

Lilia FallgatterThe Most Important Letter You Will Ever Write

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Her creativity made the book magnificent . . .


"I loved working with Jamie on this book. Her patience and kindness in dealing with a first-time author with tons of questions was truly remarkable. What was even more amazing was the care she took in making the final product something that was eye-catching and easy to read. Her touches of creativity with the layout made the book." (Cover: Copen Design)

Rick Schenker - Moteke - The Redemption of Richard Mann

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Seasoned authors can benefit. . .


"Jamie is indispensable to me as I launch my career full force into the literary world. She is an author's best friend. Even when I may be frustrated or not see how at the time, I can always count on Jamie to come through for me. Even the most patient and seasoned authors can benefit from Jamie's expertise. Her continued support is exceptional."

Keith Lee Ph.D. - Addicted to Chaos: The Journey from Extreme to Serene (Cover: M. Fisher)

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Superb work on an award-winning book. . .


"Thanks again for the superb work on my award-winning book. Jamie gave it a lively, whimsical and nature-fresh look which perfectly corresponds to the feeling I wanted to convey—one of optimism. Jamie helped me wrap my brain around all those endless details in the forced march to completion. I couldn't have done it without her. Well, let's put it this way—I wouldn't have wanted to!"

Patrice DickeyBack to the Garden: Getting From Shadow to Joy

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Goes the extra mile. . .


"Jamie, you have gone the extra 100 miles for me, and don`t think I do not appreciate it!"

Dr. Ian Whyte M.A.(Cantab) M.D. - A Dyslexic Doc's Memoirs

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Help was indispensable . . .


"Jamie’s help was indispensable. Her knowledge of the industry is extensive. Any question I asked, she was able to answer. My book is beautiful inside and out. I plan to publish more books and hope I will be able to work with her on all of them"

Susanna Chelton Sheehy - Marking Time (Cover design: Copen Design)

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Metamorphosis . . .


"I've got the book. It looks absolutely phenomenal! I'm so glad we went hard cover, it's just beautiful, every part of it. I've gotten a taste for what Jamie called 'metamorphosis,' or transformation, or I'm too high on an effectual kick. Sales are good. Life is good. I've got this book and I am feeling like a powerhouse of a new man."

Matthew Taft - The Sensualist - a novel

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All things are possible. . .


"I used to say "with spirit, all things are possible" - now I say 'with spirit AND Jamie. . .'"

Roger Wyer - Choosing Joy at Work

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