Jamie's creativity is amazing. . .


"Jamie's creativity is amazing. She took my vague ideas and vision, added her own ingenuity, imagination, and creative skills, and produced a beautiful book. Hurdles seemed more like bumps along the path because of Jamie's way."

Dr. Nell Rodgers - Beyond Best: Peak Performance in Changing Times (Cover: Copen Design)

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A national treasure in the formatting field. . .


"Wow! What a journey! Jamie is a national treasure in the book formatting field. She has been amazing and so supportive. Her wisdom, patience, skill, and expertise has been immensely helpful. She did a great job formatting my book. I am eternally grateful."

Paula Petrovic - Sand Play for the Soul: Awakening the Power of You to New Worlds of Possibility

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Happy with what we've accomplished . . .


"I'm happy and a little excited (I'm too old to get carried away) with what we've accomplished thus far. . . I've never married but this book business strikes me as something akin to having a baby. You nourish it and pet the little thing, and hope it grows into something you can be proud of and brag to your friends about..."

Larry Henry - Garden of Eden (Cover Design: Cory Mollenhour)

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Perhaps the most capable in the industry. . .


"In her calm, caring, unhurried manner, Jamie Saloff will conscientiously lead you through self-publishing's rather arduous challenges with gentle, ingenious expertness. She is perhaps the most capable person working in the self-publishing industry. And her gift is helping people."

Perry Foster - Hands Upon My Heart: My Journey Through Heart Disease and Into Life (Cover Design: Manjari Graphics)

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Your spirit shines through . . .


"What would it have been like if I had been working with someone who was just business driven? I can't tell you how much your spirit and soul shine through as we go through each step together. I am so enormously appreciative."

Nina Brown - Return of Love to Planet Earth (Cover: Tammy Mabra)

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Brimming over with practical tips. . .


"Jamie turned my manuscript into an attactive, aesthetically pleasing, professional's book. In addition to her role as book designer, Jamie is a publishing consultant. She is prompt, helpful, easy to work with, and brimming over with practical tips to navigate the author through the process from start to finish and beyond."

M. J. Mollenhour - Arcturus (Cover: Cory Mollenhour)

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Goes above and beyond, a rare quality. . .


"Jamie is truly unbelievable. I could not imagine having gone through the daunting process of self-publishing without her. Not only is Jamie kind, pleasant and professional, but she walks you through each and every step as if you were her only client - going above and beyond in offering her assistance. How rare a quality these days! When people see my book, they'll think I know a thing or two about this business - I don't. It's all thanks to Jamie. . ."

M. Hill - The Ones That Got Away, A Dating Memoir (Cover: Copen Design)

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Made publication of my first book easy . . .


"Any question I asked was a greeted with patience and careful explanation. When I didn't know enough to ask a question, Jamie coached me and offered her sage advice. When I decided to NOT take her advice and go a different direction, she got on board with my vision and helped me make my path work. Jamie has made the publication of my first book easy, fun and efficient."

Cheryl Blasnek - Epiphanies: The Great Teaching Moments of Our Lives (Cover: Manjari Graphics)

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Re Jeweled

"Jamie is indeed, fabulous! The photos are fabulous! The whole look and feel of the book is just great! Thanks a million for doing such a great job—AGAIN!"

Sue Christensen - Re-Jeweled (Cover: S. Christensen and Manjari Graphics)

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From start to finish


"As a new author, Jamie was instrumental in helping me to publish my first novel from start to finish. I recommend her highly and plan to use her formatting my second novel."

Robert T. Nowak - To Snare A Wolf

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Rave reviews


"Thanks for a fantastic job formatting my mystery novel. I'm getting lots of rave reviews by people who have read the book. I sure appreciate all the work you are doing. . ."

Jon Dorrough - The Last Grave (Cover Design: Manjari Graphics)

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Very professional. . .


"...very professional, while at the same time friendly and open to change. She got done with my book in the committed time, with quality and beautiful design elements. She is very accessible to questions and willing to provide her knowledge and experience. I highly recommend her for your book project."

Alex Gutierrez - Mother Mary's Resurrection (Cover: Manjari Graphics)

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