She's my hero. . .


"Jamie not only has the creativity of a writer, but also the analytical skills of a scientist. She literally walked me through every step of publication with amazing attention to detail and no trace of frustration from my multiple daily phone calls and emails. I do not believe I could have completed the process of self-publication without her. . She is my hero."

Nancy Fischer - Choices: Escaping the Illusion of Being a Victim (Cover: Manjari Graphics)

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Jamie anticipated my emotions. . .


"Jamie didn't just go the extra mile; she walked it with me. If I had doubts, she assuaged them. If I didn't know, she explained. She was my lamaze partner in birthing my baby. She anticipated and understood my emotions in publishing my book. I highly recommend Jamie because of her ability to use her sensitivity to help an author expose their art and heart."

Lady Cerelli - Lady Cerelli - My Journey to Peace with PTSD

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Guidance comes from experience. . .


"Jamie's kindness, wonderful intelligence, and for many of us, her patience, sets her apart as someone who is a pleasure to work with. She is willing to answer the seemingly most trivial questions and never makes you feel you should already 'know' the answers. If anyone asks me where to start the self-publishing process, my answer would be simple: Contact Jamie Saloff!"

Ann Albright - October Gate: Nine Messages of Love, Healing, and Reassurance for Our Planet (Cover: Copen Design)

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Sharing the joy . . .


"Just wanted to share my joy with you. I am sitting here with a copy of MY book in my hands! It looks absolutely FABULOUS... I can’t thank you all enough for participating in and enhancing this experience. It is truly a dream come true."

Robin Cain - When Dreams Bleed: A Novel (Cover: Manjari Graphics)

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Great quality. . .


"Thank you for helping me with it all.... I am still blown away with people's reactions to the finished product. I don't think they expected it to be of such quality. I am Jamie Saloff's Number One Groupie."

David Nieves - The Fein Story Behind The Pictures.

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Thank God!

Borrie book cover

"Jamie is God's wondrous angel. Trillions of love and thanks!"

Cathie Borrie - looking into your voice: the poetic and eccentric realities of Alzheimer's

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Delivers a great product!


"Jamie made publishing my first book a superlative experience. She knows her business, always answers calls and emails, and delivers a great product. If you want to write a book and control it's publishing fate, sign on with Bookectomy and get ready to have some fun!"

Lauri Romanzi, M.D. - Plumbing and Renovations.

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Clients are impressed. . .


"All of my clients have told me that Jamie did an amazing job with the set up of my book. They are all VERY impressed! Thank you again!"

Angela Jordan - 90 Days to a New You: The Angela Jordan System

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"I am grateful to have shared this part of the journey with Jamie because she's been supportive and gracious in addition to being highly skilled at what she does."

Arlene Brownell and Thomas Bache-Wiig - Non-Adversarial Communication (Cover: Manjari Graphics)

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A better product. . .


"Thanks for pushing us to produce a better product!"

John W. Reaves - Dumped (Cover Design: Cathi Stevenson)

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Insightful information!


"It was a real treat and pleasure talking with Jamie... Thanks for the insightful information. I truly appreciate it very much..."

Johnny Tan - From My Mama's Kitchen

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Sincerely encouraging and supportive. . .


"Jamie made this whole journey so much more pleasant than it might have been. She is the new publisher's best friend."

Yvonne Hayden - So You Need to Make a Spreadsheet

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