"I so want to keep writing and to keep working with you. It's been a great set of events for me and very fulfilling. It has been a real pleasure to work with you..."

"J" - Recovering Herself (Cover: Manjari Graphics)

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Absolutely invaluable. . .

Made in Hungary

"Jamie’s knowledge of the publishing business is amazing! Her step-by-step detailed instructions were absolutely invaluable in guiding me through the process of transforming a manuscript into a book. Thank you, Jamie, for your meticulous work and your encouragement all the way."

Maria Krenz - Made in Hungary (Cover: Manjari Graphics)

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Editor's editor. . .


"Jamie is a real editor's editor. I'm immensely grateful for her expertise."

Joseph Gatins - We Were Dancing on a Volcano: Bloodlines and Fault Lines of a Star-Crossed Atlanta Family 1849-1989 (Cover: Honor Woodard)

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I chose the best. . .


"The reviews so far clearly demonstrate that I chose the best layout person possible. Don't wander off too far... I feel there's more to come."

Steve Henry - The Playbook for Small Business

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Indespensible wisdom. . .


"I owe a large 'thanks' to Jamie for her indispensible wisdom and spectacular work formatting and over-seeing this project."

Paula Tate - Minta Foxx: The Magic Journey (Cover: Paula Tate and Manjari Graphics)

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Attractive, appealing, engaging. . .


"Jamie is a gem! Regardless of the nature of my data and how I present it to her, she gives it back to me in an attractive, appealing and engaging form. She works with me rather than independently 'showing me.' In short, both Jamie and her work are amazing!"

Dr. Nell M. Rodgers - Puppet or Puppeteer: You Hold the Key to the Life You Really Want (Cover: M. Fisher)

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"Jamie is always very gracious and generous with her time, and I very much appreciate it. I am thoroughly pleased with her work."

Mark Smythe - The Snowman's Revenge (Cover and Illustrations: Mike Motz)

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"I received my first shipment of books and they are beautiful! Thank you for all your wisdom."

Bejhan Razi - Bejhan Razi - Bogo the Builder(Cover and Illustrations: Mike Motz)

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It looks great!!


"It looks great!!!! You have done a fabulous job!!!!!!!!!!"

Martina Cartwright - The Angel Academy: A Tale of Heavenly Spirits in Training (Cover: Mike Motz)

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Very creative. . .


"Thank you SO much! I really appreciate it!! I just had to say it again. Jamie is wonderful and fun to work with. Very creative which is hard to find nowadays."

Christine Amaniya - The Adventures of Pink Elephant

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Thanks, again, for your patience . . .


"Thanks, again, for your patience throughout this process. It has been a real challenge starting this up with NO, I mean NO business in my blood."

Stephanie Shulman - >Monster Bash (Cover and Illustrations: Mike Motz)

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