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Have You Gone Beyond Full Term?

Are You Tired of Being Prego With That Biz-Boosting Book?

Then welcome yourself to Bookectomy! This is Pat Matson and Jamie Saloff, presenters of the Jumpstart Your Book program, back with a new, fresh model designed to bring that baby of yours into the income-producing spotlight that you will just adore. 


TinyBurst--- What Makes Bookectomy Unique? --- 

• We have created a nine-week, book-creation schedule offering you one-on-one coaching to be sure the delivery is coming along just fine.

• You will have full access to us via email to find for solving problems you’re experiencing.

• We will assign you the weekly writing tasks and then coach you through the key points in each chapter.

• If you get slammed and cannot make the current week’s commitment, you’ll be able to hire one of the coaches to actually DO the writing to keep you on schedule and moving forward.


TinyBurst--- Perhaps You Tried Before Without The Results You Desired ---

• Bookectomy is created specifically to help you birth your book idea.StorkwBook sm

• Bookectomy is about getting in there and pushing with no more excuses!

• Bookectomy is about stopping the groaning and getting to the accomplishments.

• Bookectomy is about the anticipation and the joy in the birth of your book.

• Bookectomy is about you reaching a new, higher plateau in your business with pride and joy!


TinyBurst--- Delivering Means Results For You  ---

 Bookectomy is a book-birthing, delivery service that guarantees that if you show up to do your part, you will have a book at the end of nine weeks. It will be a healthy child smelling of freshness and baby powder.

All online entrepreneurs understand the value of having a book:

• as a product to boost sales,

• to indicate professionalism, and

• to gain business recognition and growth.

Many online entrepreneurs develop a case of the “Yeah-I-should’s,” when they first heard about using a book this way. Some jumped right into their book pregnancy and actually gave birth to their ideas.

And then there’s you: you’ve gone way beyond the normal nine months gestation and that puppy is still in there, begging to come out.

How much longer are you going to carry it around making you feel all puffy and pregnant, a bit fearful, and yet so eager….dabbling in it’s name (will it be a boy or a girl?); showing it off to Grandma and Grandpa; taking it to Barnes and Nobel for it’s christening book signing...


TinyBurst--- Three Key Elements You Won't Find Elsewhere At This Price ---


Bookectomy is a 9-week, book-birthing writing course with three key elements:

1. A Free Introductory session with a class overview, coaching tips, problem-solving helps, and support.

2. One-on-one coaching meetings with Jamie or Pat. (Alternating so you get the expertise and benefits of not just one publishing mind, but two!

3. On-going book reviews, guidance, and brainstorming.

At the end of nine weeks, you will have written your book, and will be ready to enter into the book design process. Within just a few weeks from then, you can be holding your blanket-bundled book in your hands.

We will interview each student beforehand to describe our expectations and your promises to do the work. We want to be sure you are committed, focused and dedicated to this task. It’s only by sticking to the plan that you can achieve these fabulous results. We want to deliver happy and joyful book babies.


TinyBurst--- Unless You Change, Nothing Changes. Are You Ready to Start NOW? ---

"Writing a book is something you do to get your life back." ~Richard Bach

Unless you change, nothing changes. It’s ridiculous to leave this book un-birthed from inside you. You’ve been carrying it around so long, we’re afraid of gangrene. We don’t want you to live with regret. We don’t want you to have book-writing fears caroming around inside you and dampening your spirit.

Moreover, we want to see your book out in the world, promoting your ideas, your methods, your dreams, and bringing a new stream of income to your door.

• How tightly can you hold your knees together once the idea wants to be born and keep it up inside you?

• What will it cost you to continue to turn from it and avoid doing this?

• Do you enjoy thinking of yourself as a procrastinator?

• Can you see the excuses you’ve offered until now have not kept that idea inside you from growing bigger and bigger, banging more loudly to be let out?

An opportunity is right in front of you: embrace yourself as worthy and qualified (as we are sure you are) or continue to mire in its undone regret. (Remember: if you’re still here in the world, you’re not done yet, and everybody is a work-in-progress.)


TinyBurst--- Remember, It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect --- 

 We know many of you are perfectionists. We often find ourselves recovering from perfectionism too. But we want you to know that this book that can bring you income, prestige, name recognition, and joy, doesn't have to be perfect. (Really, ask any author, none of them ever are!) It’s your first product. All first products can be improved upon in the second product! (Which, will, of course, come much easier than the first!)Bookgirl sm

How often will opportunity continue knocking at your door if you don’t answer the call? And can you live with that?

Remember when your first baby breached? It still hurt a bit but then the delivery was about relief, joy, accomplishment, and love.

That’s what we want for you when you finally give birth to your book. We want you to feel vibrant and alive; proud in your stupendous accomplishment; recognized and compensated for your stellar work; honored by your family, your community, your partners; admired by those who know you best.

Picture yourself the day UPS drives up in their big brown truck with your book! Woo hoo!


TinyBurst--- Experienced Book Midwives and Publishing Doulas ---

We are two cool writer chicks with years of helping authors experience. We care about whether or not you get this done or now. We’ve written our own books, championed through our own book-producing struggles. And we’ve helped countless others write, ghostwrite, and publish theirs. 

We want you to meet us and once you talk to us, you’ll realize how dramatically we can help you as midwives for your book.

Read More Details About What You Will Get Here.


Anita "I can't thank Jamie and Pat enough. I knew after the first class that I finally found something that was actually going to help me get my book started. Before this class my book was just a jumble of thoughts in my head with no title of framework. By the end of the second week I had a title, a chapter framework, and had learned a system of collecting all those thoughts and getting them down on paper. Also, the resources were not only very useful, but inspiring, so you actually wanted to write. I would recommend this course to anyone that has a book inside them but can’t seem to get it out and down on paper." ~Anita Pizycki, CPA, CA, Business Coach, Spiritual Minister


SheilaWatson "Like many other people, I always thought I could write a book, but I had no idea how to get started. I did not know how to navigate the fields of writing and publishing, and I did not know who to ask for help. Then I met Jamie Saloff and Pat Matson.
          In Bookectomy, Jamie and Pat have compiled a course of study that is both original and life-changing. With their many years of experience in writing and publishing, they supported me through the process of envisioning, designing and writing my book. I learned how to work through the natural ebb and flow of the writing process, and to push past any doubts and fears. My finished book is a source of pride and a useful marketing tool for my business. The greatest outcome is confidence. I am a published author, and I can do it again." (Watch Sheila talk about the process


Shawn "The class introduced me to important information I had not yet considered. It also got me motivated as well as prepared to get it done! Thank you!" Shawn McCadden CR, CLC, CAPS


Where would you find two coaches with this strong a desire to help you deal with the pain, do the deep breathing, and be as comfortable as you can be while you go through the labor of birthing your book baby?

If you’re ready, we’re ready!


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