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For what feels like eons, when I get near books at a yard sale, in a library, in a bookstore, or on a friend’s shelves, I have a major Pavlovian response. I adore books. I call them my drug of choice. In grade school, filled with delightful anticipation, I could cram at least sixteen books into my book bag every Wednesday at the Public Library in Uniontown, PA and haul my weekly fix home. On the first day of school, when the good sisters gave out that year’s Reader, I took it home and read it that night! I did my weekly dusting chores with a book in one hand.

Can you see the love I’ve had for books all my life? Bookectomy is a simple and natural extension of that love. I’ve been writing for over sixty years now and nothing brings me more joy. I’d love nothing more than to dabble in writing and books the rest of my life. I think in books. I can hear the Table of Contents of your book when you talk with me. I can see the chapters in print. I know how to get you to the publisher.

I can’t begin to share with you all that’s inside my mind about how to get your book down on paper and into the hands of your adoring public unless you make the commitment and sign up for the course. I want to meet you here on Bookectomy. I hope that happens soon. Let’s unburden your mind and your soul and get your fabulous ideas into print.



JamieSaloff circleJAMIE SALOFF

I have been working in the writing and publishing field for over twenty years, and with print-on-demand printing for fifteen, practically since its inception. I have taught my seven easy steps to self-publishing your book to men, women, talented teens, Gen Xers, baby boomers, and golden agers from all walks of life—regardless of their technical ability.

As a design expert, my clients learn how to produce quality, profitable books, while avoiding common publishing pratfalls. I spend a large portion of my time with them answering their many questions about writing, publishing, and marketing, which I've experienced from both the traditional side of publishing, as well as self and e-publishing. I tell it like it is, good and bad, because I want my clients to truly understand what works, what doesn't, and what is a crap-shoot. Remember, if there were one way to create a bestseller, we'd all be doing it, so each client, book, and project, I see as unique and requiring its own path to success. I see my job as making that path as clear as it can be. 

I am the author of seven books including 7 Easy Steps to Professionally Self-Publish Your Book. I am also the co-teacher of “Metaphysical Marketing Mastery,” an intensive course for spiritually-minded entrepreneurs who want a better understanding of business and process of online selling. I would love to work with you and help deliver your long-dreamed-of book. 


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