Make That Pitch!

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First time available as a 1-on-1 Writing Course!

Make That Pitch

If you've perused the Internet information highway searching for "how to write back page cover copy" you likely got 71,800,000 results.* If you clicked on the top entries, the information was short blog posts, essays, and general information—not the step-by-step, nuts-and-bolts, how-to-do it that you'll find in the 50 pages of this course.

Make that Pitch is not a cookie-cutter formula. The course includes genre variables, tips, secrets, and practical advice so you can pinpoint the key elements that best sell and tell your story to a reader, editor, or agent.

✧ This course is presented in a downloadable PDF format that you can print out, write on, and keep close at hand for your next project.

Course includes:

✧ Back Cover Copy - Step-by-step instructions for creating an at-a-glance, reader-friendly pitch

✧ Mini-Synopsis Pitch - Step-by-step instructions for creating that all-important paragraph for a query letter

✧ Descriptive Pitch - Step-by-step instructions for creating the information that describes or is the summary of your book for online booksellers

✧ High-concept Tag Lines (also called Log Lines) - Step-by-step instructions for creating those vital 25 words or less hooks that grab a reader, editor, or agent's attention

The Make That Pitch Course includes:

✧ Instructions that include what you need, why you need it, and various ways to put it all together into a pitch that shouldn't exceed 250 words.

✧ Worksheets that pinpoint every aspect needed for a pitch, regardless of genre. This includes a story's theme, high stakes, unique story angles, and key marketing points.

✧ A walk-through of what to do in a face-to-face pitch session with an agent or editor.

✧ Tips and practical advice on creating a business card that says "professional writer."


This course was formerly offered for $97, but is offered here at the special rate of just $57. 


Special Bonus!

Get feedback on your pitch!

Within 45 days from when you purchase this course, you can receive feedback from the instructor for one story's pitch. The instructor will also answer your questions during this time period.



*-as of 2-2017

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Catherine McLean

Catherine E. McLean is an author, writing instructor, and workshop presenter. For more than a decade, she's given in-person workshops and done online courses. 

Writing as C. E. McLean, her short stories have appeared in hard-copy and online magazines and anthologies. Her novels are "women's starscape fiction" that encompass fantasy/sci-fi, futuristic, space opera, and paranormal romance-adventures. Just released is HEART AKILTER a lighthearted fantasy/sci-fi romance novella that is receiving 5-star reviews.

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