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These quick Cheat Sheets taught by Catherine E. McLean will help you revise your writing and hone your words. 

Cheat Sheets Included in this course are: 

• Red Flag Words

• Said is Dead

• Characters Per Story

Also included is a Cheat Sheet for writing articles. 

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Catherine McLean

Catherine E. McLean is an author, writing instructor, and workshop presenter. For more than a decade, she's given in-person workshops and done online courses. 

Writing as C. E. McLean, her short stories have appeared in hard-copy and online magazines and anthologies. Her novels are "women's starscape fiction" that encompass fantasy/sci-fi, futuristic, space opera, and paranormal romance-adventures. Just released is HEART AKILTER a lighthearted fantasy/sci-fi romance novella that is receiving 5-star reviews.

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